Don’t Get Mad, Get Fad!

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What-A-Ya Nuts?! Everyone knows the end of March brings out the madness in all! Everybody’s got a bracket going, whether it’s for your favorite beer or the more obvious college basketball tournament.

Forget the brackets though! This March, we are funneling our madness by breaking into March Fadness! Side note shout out to, whom we came across after feeling like we landed on an original idea. I guess great mad minds do think alike!

Anyway, every generation has had it’s fair share of fads that just beg the question, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” So, as everyone is whittling their brackets down from 16 to 8, we present to you the 8 nuttiest fads of the past 4 decades!



A lot of the fads that had us going, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!”, are understandably fashion based. That said, there was no way we could leave out one of the nuttiest fads in history: the Pet Rock…. Emerging (and fading fast) in the 70s, the Pet Rock was an instant sensation that, when looked back upon, was one of the biggest head-scratching moments in human history!


While we currently look back to the 80s for wacky, popular fads in fashion (which we will jump into next), some fads of the 70s were ones we all quickly wanted to forget! Everyone remembers the bell bottoms and long hair, but thankfully we learned to put the quilted & knitted clothing fad long behind us. Between the quilted tunics, over-sized ponchos, and belted sweaters, the 70s sure were lucky we weren’t around to say, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!”, all day long!



If there ever was a decade know for experimental fashion, it was the 1980s. From jumpsuits to acid-washed denim, the decade introduced more fashion styles that made us say, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” than we can count on both hands! That said, no style had us cringing harder than the explosion of parachute pants and Zubaz! Really, how did they become so popular??


While the clothing of the 80s was definitely questionable at best, very little compared to the madness of the decade’s hairstyle. If you thought the big hair fad was bad though, it’s probably because you’ve erased from your memory the fact that there were much worse hairstyles. Exhibit A: The era of rat-tails & mullets.



While the 80s became iconic for it’s new wave, experimental fads in fashion, the 90s found a way to build off the decade prior. Unfortunately, it’s fair to say we didn’t learn too much from our fashion choices! From light up shoes to zip-off pants & backwards jeans, the 90s were filled with photos we never want to look back on. When it comes to the nuttiest fad of the decade though, nothing comes close to touching the JNCOs.

Between Joly, Bubble Yum Soda, Surge, and Pepsi AM, the 90s definitely introduced a plethora of short-lived, quirky sodas, but in terms of food experimentation, the one thing we are glad stayed in the 90s was the McDonald’s McPizza. A pizza…from McDonald’s… What-A-Ya Nuts?!



Back in the early to mid 2000s, you weren’t stylin’ unless you were all in on the Ugg Boots. While a little out of date now that it is 2017, those still holding on to their decade long obsession with Uggs will find little mockery these days. Unfortunately for some, the same can’t be said for it’s fashion counterpart (which saw similar success on the market), the Croc. No fad in fashion from the 2000s gets as much flack today (or at the time) as the over-sized, color saturated, plastic cheese-graters for shoes.


The other fad of the 2000s that had us screaming, “What-A-Ya Nuts?” centers around what we put in our mouths (or rather what we didn’t). No, we aren’t talking about Grillz, which were on a level of it’s own in terms of nuttiness. We are talking about the Atkins Diet. Remember when we all woke up and it seemed like people around the US simultaneous jumped on the fad diet, cursing every form of Carb they came across? While the fad actually produced a few options we still see today, like lettuce wraps at fast food joints, the world seemed to get a little more sane when we reintroduced Carbs back into our diets.

Well there you have it folks, our very first March Fadness! If reminiscing about these fads from decades past did have you going, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” then we don’t know what will! Have a great beginning to the Spring and remember to Snack In Sanity!

10 Wacky Wedding Proposals

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Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

When it comes to the one we love, we will all surely express our feelings in a way that makes others shout, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” from time to time. That said, there definitely some expressions of love out there that are a little more than out of the ordinary.

Once the time for a wedding proposal comes around, though, most people step up their game in coming up with the most fitting, original way to pop the question. Lets just say, not all of them can be found under the label of “normality”!

So, as our Valentines Day gift to you, we’ve found 10 of the wackiest & weirdest proposals out there! Enjoy!

Usually you wait until after the marriage to get the tattoo, but, hey, at least he’s got confidence!

We understand that social media is playing a significant role in people’s lives these days, but What-A-Ya Nuts?! Who proposes over FACEBOOK??

While still in the digital realm, at least video games can be considered a common interest!

Proposing at your favorite restaurant is actually quite common, but McDonalds?? What-A-Ya Nuts?!

Lets just hope they aren’t too hungry for S’mores to notice what’s going on.

At least he knew she had her coffee for the morning before popping the question!



Who in the world decides to dress up as a group of carrots to pop the big question?



Would you deal with the pain of wiping out on water just to pop the question?



Or how about jumping off a building? (Talk about a leap of faith!)



What-A-Ya Nuts?! Nobody likes being put on the spot, especially on live television!

Now if one of those didn’t make you scream, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” we don’t know what will! Have a happy Valentines Day!!

10 Stats About the Superb Owl That Will Have You Saying, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!”

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Where is this Superb Owl everyone keeps talking about? Everywhere we look, all we find are mentions of “The Big Game” for some reason!

Since we couldn’t find anything (let alone statistics) about the elusive Superb Owl, we’ll have to settle with what we did find about “The Big Game” this coming Sunday, and some of the facts are absolutely nuts!

Food Facts

Everybody knows football is nothing without a great tailgate (or party), and no tailgate is complete without a plethora of delicious eats! So, when it comes to “The Big Game”, it’s no surprise that people’s motto for the food spread is, “Go big or go home!”

To put things in perspective, it’s said that the average viewer will spend over $80 on food, decorations, and fan gear just for game day! Considering previous years where more than 100 million people tuned in, that means well over $8,000,000,000 (that’s BILLION) will be spent by viewers preparing for the big day! (WHAT-A-YA NUTS?!)

All of this adds up to “Superb Owl” Sunday being the second largest day for food consumption in the USA!

Restaurants can anticipate a busy day as more than 48 million Americans are expected to order food for takeout or delivery!

Domino’s alone expects to sell more than 11 million slices of pizza and 3 million chicken wings!

3 million chicken wings is chump change though when compared to the amount Americans as a whole are expect to eat. Some estimates say we consume 1.3 billion chicken wings during the game (What-A-Ya Nuts?!), which comes out to about 162.5 million pounds!

While pizza and wings are definitely the staple food for game day, they aren’t alone in the mass consumption department. Overall, Americans will consume:

If those numbers don’t make you go, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” then maybe this will: all of these facts lead up to the average fan consuming 1200 calories and 50 grams of fat from snacks!

#Better4U Alternatives

If you’re like us, reading all those facts do more than make you scream, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” They make your head spin & stomach hurt already! That’s why we’ve also decided to provide some #Better4U alternatives to your classic favorites.

Love the buffalo wings, but hate the fat? Try these absolutely delicious buffalo cauliflower bites instead!

Buffalo cauliflower bites not a good enough substitute for you and the crew? As another alternative for making a #Better4U wing, try baking them this year instead of frying!

Looking forward to your favorite pizza on Sunday? Try combining two favorites into one with these delicious Mini Taco Pizzas!

Get your dipping on with this healthy 7-layer dips, and spice things up by adding some of our Jalapeno Hysteria nut clusters!

For dessert try making some of these amazing Pumpkin Spice Nutty Seed Marshmallow Treats, but with our delicious Maple Cinnamon Madness nut clusters instead! They already have plenty of tree nuts and pumpkin seeds inside, so you’re all ready to go!

Wanting something more chocolatey? Try these scrumptious Nutty Toffee Bars topped with our Stark Raving Chocolate nut clusters!

Obviously we are proud so many of you include an array of ever delicious tree nuts in the “Big Game” diet, but why not have them all at once? Instead of plain old pistachios and cashews this year, grab a bag of your favorite nut clusters to share with the team! There’s a beer out there for every flavor, and we guarantee you won’t regret it!

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you #SnackInSanity and enjoy the big weekend!

Favorite Moments in 2016 that made you go “What-A-Ya Nuts?!”

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For better or worse, 2016 was most definitely a year filled with reasons to shout, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” So, we decided to look back at some of the nuttiest moments of the year the we will surely never forget. Enjoy!!


Starting on a high note, 2016 saw some serious scientific advancements, especially in the renewed race to space! From discovering habitable planets to reusable rockets, we sure found ourselves saying, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” plenty this year!


Regardless of where you sit, right or left, UK or USA, we can all agree that this election year was filled with moments that just make you scream, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” 2016 has definitely been a memorable year for politics, that is for sure.


You think people were going crazy over the election this year? Well, let us turn your attention back to Summer 2016 where we saw people across the world at their nuttiest trying to Catch Them All! Pokemon-Go undoubtedly brought a plethora of, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” moments with it.


If all those people running around with their eyes glued to a screen made ya go, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!”, then we can only image how you reacted to the reality of self-driving cars!


When Leonardo Decaprio finally won his first oscar, we weren’t saying, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” because he shouldn’t have won it – we were saying, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” because it took this long! 2016 will forever be remembered as the year that the internet’s darling child finally went home with gold.


Have you had a chance to try out one of the many VR headsets released this year? You will surely find yourself exclaiming, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” the moment you put one on and see it for yourself!


The whackiest, craziest, nuttiest moment of 2016 that had us yelling, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” loudest and most often had to be the ascension of the Chicago Cubs. Not only did they have the best record in baseball with over a hundred wins, but they ended the longest championship drought, winning the World Series after 107 years.


While not that crazy in comparison to the rest of 2016, one of the nuttiest moments for us this year had to be when we found ourselves on all your TV’s! When Fox2News asked us to come on the show for National Nut Day, we had to hold back from saying, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” Thanks again for being such great hosts!

And like that, 2016 is another year in the books, and one that we will all surely remember! We hope you have a great New Years Eve and look forward to another great year of serving up delicious nut clusters!

2016: A Year of Many Thanks

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As the holiday season approaches, 2016 is quickly coming to an end. In a year with plenty of reasons to exclaim, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!”, it was also a year with plenty of gifts and reasons to be thankful.

So, this is our Open-Letter Thank You to all those we’ve had the pleasure to work with this year!


The first of many things we are thankful for are the many retailers and shops around the country that have been a great part of our team! 2016 saw our team grow across the nation in universities, new retail partners, and new locations for old partners!


On top of our growing team, we had the wonderful opportunity to meet you, our amazing customers, by holding sampling events at festivals, conventions, and our retail partners’ locations near you! You are all gifts to us and we look forward to a great 2017!

We also had the incredible chance to make it on all of your TVs in 2016 thanks to the graciousness of Fox2Now St. Louis! It truly was a gift to be able to join you all for National Nut Day and look forward any future encounters we may share!


On top of all of those reasons to be thankful, though, we are most thankful for YOU! Without you, our customers, we wouldn’t be able to share our love for delicious combinations of tree nuts, seeds, and overall Better For You snacking experiences! You are all truly gifts and we cannot wait for an even better 2017!

America’s Nuttiest Holiday: The 4th of July

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Welcome back to another Nutty Rant that’ll surely have you screaming, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” at least a few times!


In case you missed it, last month’s post was laying down the details for your next big barbecue. Today, we dive into the most American holiday there is, Independence Day!

Most people know that the 4th of July is the time when friends, families, and communities gather for great food (especially hot dogs), better drinks, parades, fireworks, and music (among other things). While the traditional festivities are always a good time, sticking to the conventional isn’t really our style.

So, this 4th of July, we encourage you to check out some of these less common (and, in some cases, out-right weird) traditions!


For residents in Oregon, the Estacada Timber Festival has become a staple of July 4th. From the log roll to the speed climbing competition, this community has surely found their own way to celebrate Independence Day.


Going to be in Los Angeles for this year’s celebration? Head down to Venice beach and show off your muscles (or just watch other people flex the day away) at that Mr. and Mrs. Muscle Beach competition!


While the 4th of July is the celebration of the United States of America’s independence from the British Empire, the festivities aren’t bound to the mainland, or even our country! If you’re really trying to celebrate in an original way, hop across the pond and join our Danish friends and ancestors at the Rebild and Aalborg Celebrations.


Trying to jump into the festivities as early as possible? Head down to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where the parade begins at midnight and the celebration lasts all day!


Not a fan of how loud the fireworks and crowds get? Celebrate the new year in silence at the Season Premier for the San Francisco Mime Troupe!


Regardless of where or how you decide to celebrate this year, remember to bring plenty of your favorite nut clusters along for the ride so you can Snack In Sanity while you enjoy the festivity!

Want to learn more about the history and traditions behind the 4th of July? History Channel has got your back.

Looking for more traditional ways to celebrate Independence Day with the friends or family? We’ve got you covered on that too.

Be sure to stay safe and hydrated out there!

Memorial Day Weekend: Let the Grilling Begin!

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The end of May is nearly here! Kids are wrapping up their semesters and everyone is preparing for some summertime fun.

While summer technically starts mid-June, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the season’s fun. For most, the holiday weekend kicks off one of the biggest summer activity in the USA: the Barbecue. It’s time to bust out the grill and gather the friends & family!


Though there is no wrong way to throw a barbecue, but there are plenty of right ways! So, without further adieu, here’s our advice for keeping stomachs filled and your guests entertained!

More Than Classics

Everyone that’s been to a BBQ knows the classics: burgers, brats, hot dogs, corn on the cob, etc. This year though, surprise your guests with a few of these nutty grilling ideas!


Forget to grab buns for the burgers or just trying to cut down on the grains? Grab some skewers and introduce your guests to the Cheeseburger Meatball Skewers.


As you’ll learn throughout the rest of the post, grills can be used for just about anything! Surprise your guests with a delicious grilled pizza at your next BBQ.


Make sure you’re ready to impress those who don’t eat meat! Throw some portobello mushrooms and peaches on the grill to get their mouth watering too!

Thirst Quenchers

With the sun shining high in the sky and the temperatures rising, you are sure to have plenty of thirsty guests! Spice up the drink selection with these perfect summertime refreshments.


All you need is a keg tap and a watermelon to get the refreshments flowing! Add your favorite adult beverage or keep it kid friendly. Either way, the watermelon keg is the perfect addition to the BBQ!


Looking for something a little cooler? Try these cucumber lime pops!


If you’ve never tried it before, be sure to mix up some Bourbon Slush for your next shindig! Just watch out for brain freeze!

Sweet Treats

Your guests are bound to have a sweet tooth at some point during their visit. Prepare one of these tasty treats to ensure their appetite is filled!


Surprise your guests with a sweet twist on another summertime classic: S’Mores. Add all the normal ingredients to the inside of a banana and grill it all at once! Feel like getting a little nutty? Try adding some of our delicious Stark Raving Chocolate nut clusters to kick it up a notch!


Don’t want to use the banana skin? Just throw it all in some tortillas and grill up some chocolate banana quesadilla!


Whether you make it on the grill or not, everybody will be ecstatic when they smell that homemade apple crisp you bring! Instead of topping your recipe with plain old tree nuts, try kicking it up a notch with our Maple Cinnamon Madness into your next apple dish. The flavors were made to go together!

So, call up the friends and family for another great Memorial Day Weekend BBQ! Try a few of the delicious recipes above and, as always, Snack In Sanity!

Snacking In Sanity at University!

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Had you asked us a couple of years ago if we expected to find ourselves back at university, you could have probably anticipated our response – “What-A-Ya Nuts?!”.

Over the past few years though, we’ve been invited and found our way to campuses all across the USA! This time, though, we have found ourselves in the positions of student and teacher, athlete and social acolyte.

Whether you are studying for finals or looking to have a good time, our delicious, all-natural nut clusters will be by your side, all the way through graduation and beyond!

Today’s Lesson: Snacking for Success

What-A-Ya Nuts?! Put down the chips, cookies, and junk food! Get ready for finals with snacks that will keep you energized, focused, and healthy!

If you’ve been following our all-natural nut clusters for awhile now, you have probably noticed that we are all about the benefits snacking smarter.


That’s why, when we came up with our four delicious recipes, we stuck to all-natural ingredients and the best tree nuts around! Between almonds, pecans, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and more, our nut clusters are jam packed with minerals and nutrients.

All of this adds up to a healthier mind that’s ready to study hard and ace any test!

Snack In Sanity All Year Long

Finals and personal health aren’t the only reasons to Snack In Sanity! Our all-natural nut clusters come in four delicious flavors that are a great snack for anytime of the year and any occasion! Not only that, but they pair perfectly with plenty of other foods and drinks!


Are you a big fan of tailgating before your school’s team takes the field? There are dozens of creative ways to fill your stomach to last you through the whole game, and your favorite nut clusters don’t have to sit on the bench!

Searching for a filling and tasty treat to go with your favorite beer (for those of legal age of course!)? Then look no further than What-A-Ya Nuts?! We tried them with a bunch of different beer styles and they go as well together as cookies and milk!

Our Newest Taste Testers

In the past year, What-A-Ya Nuts?! has been accepted to and enrolled in university stores spanning from coast to coast across the USA!


Some of the biggest names include the University of Virginia, the United States Naval Academy, and the University of California – San Diego!

We all know size really doesn’t matter, especially when it comes to a school’s size. That’s why we are just excited to find ourselves at Southern Utah University, Georgia Southern University, Northwestern Health Science University, and Kirkwood Community College!

Interested in tracking down our delicious, all-natural nut clusters at a store near you? We’ve provided links to all our university friends below to aid your search!

These university stores learned what it means to Snack In Sanity, and now it’s your turn!

Find them Today!