Florida police dog was fired after biting two people

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Officials say 4-year-old Renzo had been with the Coconut Creek Police Department for more than a year. But now the Florida police dog was fired from after biting two people. The Belgian Malinois bit an officer in November while tracking a suspect. Last week, he burst out of a patrol car and bit a Dunkin’ Donuts worker in the calf.

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Our Favorite “Joe”

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Happy National Joe Day from all of us at The Asylum!

Today, we celebrate our favorite Joe: Joe Besser of The Three Stooges! Joe’s often referred to as “The Forgotten Stooge” as he joined the group in 1956 to replace the departed Shemp Howard.

But he’s not forgotten at The Asylum, because he hails from our home town!  Born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1907.

Tell us what “Joe” you’re celebrating today?

Regular Consumption of Nuts is Inversely Related to Cancer Deaths

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According to a recent study run by Harvard University, regular consumption of nuts is inversely related to cancer deaths. The study analyzed over 100,000 people over 30 years and found nut consumption was inversely associated with total mortality by over 20%, disregarding the cause, and had an inverse relationship with some of the most common causes of death, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.

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Tournament Dancing Machine

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Well, North Florida’s tournament run may have been short-lived, but we’ll forever celebrate this band member’s exciting performance. This is what Maple Cinnamon Madness is all about! Steve Putnam, you’re a tournament dancing machine and our favorite Hoopster-Nutster!

Don’t forget to load-up on your own supplies of Maple Cinnamon Madness for the rest of the tournament. Find it right here.