Deflate-gate? We give you inflate-bag!

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Deflate-gate? We give you inflate-bag! That’s how it works in the snacks and chips world, anyway. It’s called “Slack fill,” and it’s the process of inflating packages by snack makers who want to protect their products from the damages of rough shipping and handling.

So, while the New England Patriots are deflating their balls, the snack industry is inflating it’s packages, so to speak. Hey, in the end, both methods equate to a better chance of success!

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Consumers will eat more seeds in 2015

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Dietitians predict that consumers will eat more seeds in 2015. And that’s great news for all of our fans — we’ve got both nuts AND seeds!

Seeds and nuts will usurp kale and coconut as the top two superfoods in 2015 as consumers look for on-the-go, nutrient dense foods, according to a survey of 500 registered dietitians conducted by the trade magazine Today’s Dietitian and the public relations agency Pollock Communications.

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