Take a look at the back of most products and you’ll find polyhexa this and refined monosaturated that. With What-A-Ya Nuts, there’s no mystery ingredient. It may seem crazy, but our package actually lists ingredients you recognize like nuts and jalapenos. What-A-Ya Nuts is an all-natural product with all-pronounceable ingredients. Just in case you aren’t familiar with tocopherol, it’s an all-natural antioxidant pronounced toe-COUGH-fur-all. See like we said, all-natural and all-pronounceable.

A tasty little concoction that tastes like a chocolate cookie without the post-cookie regrets. Kill the craving before you go stark raving.

First, you’ll say, ‘Damn these are good.’ Then you’ll say, ‘DAMN!’ This spicy little number kicks you in the tonsils and makes you beg for more.

Get the day started with a treat that tastes just like the top of Grandma’s coffee cake. It’s like breakfast without the double stack of guilt.

This savory little snack offers all the flavor of happy hour hors d’oeuvres in a snack you can eat at any hour – happy or not.