From the Mouths of Men: Review

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dudefoodsCracked Parmesan Pepper is where it’s at, according to Nick over at, who featured What-A-Ya Nuts?! in a recent blog post.

Nick pronounced us the nuttiest of the nut cluster snacks he tried, noting that “you can find almonds, cashews and pecans in every single bag of What-A-Ya Nuts?!”

We think all those nuts really rock your mouth, but we want to hear from you–whataya think?

State of the Industry: Nuts?!

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Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery has published their State of the Industry Report on Nuts      and our Head of State gets top billing.  “Healthier snacking is a trend that continues to gain momentum,” says Howie Sher, founder of What-A-Ya Nuts?! nut clusters. “Consumers are looking to brands to provide better-for-you options that deliver on great taste and hunger satisfaction.”


The Riverfront Times interviews “What-A-Ya Nuts?!”

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The Riverfront Times recently featured our owner and products.

“What-A-Ya Nuts?! has got a very engaging personality to it,” Sher says. “It is part of conversation even before it becomes a brand. What we’re attempting to do here is engage so many more unique channels than the entry of a new food typically does. I believe the food form delivers what the brand name says. I just want people to enjoy it as much as I do.”

Read the full article at the Riverfront Times website.

What-A-Ya Nuts?! at the City Museum

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“It’s a place and a new product that have something in common. Howie Sher figured City Museum is the perfect place to show off his new and nutty snack, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!”

Visitors seem to enjoy taste testing the flavors like stark raving chocolate and jalepeno hysteria. Even a turtle took a second look at cracked parmesan pepper! Unlike many products, Howie came up with the name first and then spent two years developing his all natural product.

You can find “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” at most local grocery stores, including Dierbergs and Schnucks. Also many specialty food stores. Check out the brand on”

Click to view video at KSDK

Read the full article on KSDK’s website.

Marketing a Successful New Brand

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Howie Sher of What-A-Ya Nuts?! in grocery aisle

What-A-Ya Nuts?! was featured recently in an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch about new product development and the successful marketing of a new brand.

“I know there’s that emotional pull from the tried and true brands,” said Sher, 43, who recently launched the Clayton-based company. “So if I’m going to create a new brand, I need to grab their attention.”

In addition to a great brand, the product is healthy and all-natural. Find out more about our founder’s story and how the What-A-Ya Nuts?! brand has evolved by reading the rest of the article at