Memorial Day Weekend: Let the Grilling Begin!

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The end of May is nearly here! Kids are wrapping up their semesters and everyone is preparing for some summertime fun.

While summer technically starts mid-June, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the season’s fun. For most, the holiday weekend kicks off one of the biggest summer activity in the USA: the Barbecue. It’s time to bust out the grill and gather the friends & family!


Though there is no wrong way to throw a barbecue, but there are plenty of right ways! So, without further adieu, here’s our advice for keeping stomachs filled and your guests entertained!

More Than Classics

Everyone that’s been to a BBQ knows the classics: burgers, brats, hot dogs, corn on the cob, etc. This year though, surprise your guests with a few of these nutty grilling ideas!


Forget to grab buns for the burgers or just trying to cut down on the grains? Grab some skewers and introduce your guests to the Cheeseburger Meatball Skewers.


As you’ll learn throughout the rest of the post, grills can be used for just about anything! Surprise your guests with a delicious grilled pizza at your next BBQ.


Make sure you’re ready to impress those who don’t eat meat! Throw some portobello mushrooms and peaches on the grill to get their mouth watering too!

Thirst Quenchers

With the sun shining high in the sky and the temperatures rising, you are sure to have plenty of thirsty guests! Spice up the drink selection with these perfect summertime refreshments.


All you need is a keg tap and a watermelon to get the refreshments flowing! Add your favorite adult beverage or keep it kid friendly. Either way, the watermelon keg is the perfect addition to the BBQ!


Looking for something a little cooler? Try these cucumber lime pops!


If you’ve never tried it before, be sure to mix up some Bourbon Slush for your next shindig! Just watch out for brain freeze!

Sweet Treats

Your guests are bound to have a sweet tooth at some point during their visit. Prepare one of these tasty treats to ensure their appetite is filled!


Surprise your guests with a sweet twist on another summertime classic: S’Mores. Add all the normal ingredients to the inside of a banana and grill it all at once! Feel like getting a little nutty? Try adding some of our delicious Stark Raving Chocolate nut clusters to kick it up a notch!


Don’t want to use the banana skin? Just throw it all in some tortillas and grill up some chocolate banana quesadilla!


Whether you make it on the grill or not, everybody will be ecstatic when they smell that homemade apple crisp you bring! Instead of topping your recipe with plain old tree nuts, try kicking it up a notch with our Maple Cinnamon Madness into your next apple dish. The flavors were made to go together!

So, call up the friends and family for another great Memorial Day Weekend BBQ! Try a few of the delicious recipes above and, as always, Snack In Sanity!

Snacking In Sanity at University!

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Had you asked us a couple of years ago if we expected to find ourselves back at university, you could have probably anticipated our response – “What-A-Ya Nuts?!”.

Over the past few years though, we’ve been invited and found our way to campuses all across the USA! This time, though, we have found ourselves in the positions of student and teacher, athlete and social acolyte.

Whether you are studying for finals or looking to have a good time, our delicious, all-natural nut clusters will be by your side, all the way through graduation and beyond!

Today’s Lesson: Snacking for Success

What-A-Ya Nuts?! Put down the chips, cookies, and junk food! Get ready for finals with snacks that will keep you energized, focused, and healthy!

If you’ve been following our all-natural nut clusters for awhile now, you have probably noticed that we are all about the benefits snacking smarter.


That’s why, when we came up with our four delicious recipes, we stuck to all-natural ingredients and the best tree nuts around! Between almonds, pecans, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and more, our nut clusters are jam packed with minerals and nutrients.

All of this adds up to a healthier mind that’s ready to study hard and ace any test!

Snack In Sanity All Year Long

Finals and personal health aren’t the only reasons to Snack In Sanity! Our all-natural nut clusters come in four delicious flavors that are a great snack for anytime of the year and any occasion! Not only that, but they pair perfectly with plenty of other foods and drinks!


Are you a big fan of tailgating before your school’s team takes the field? There are dozens of creative ways to fill your stomach to last you through the whole game, and your favorite nut clusters don’t have to sit on the bench!

Searching for a filling and tasty treat to go with your favorite beer (for those of legal age of course!)? Then look no further than What-A-Ya Nuts?! We tried them with a bunch of different beer styles and they go as well together as cookies and milk!

Our Newest Taste Testers

In the past year, What-A-Ya Nuts?! has been accepted to and enrolled in university stores spanning from coast to coast across the USA!


Some of the biggest names include the University of Virginia, the United States Naval Academy, and the University of California – San Diego!

We all know size really doesn’t matter, especially when it comes to a school’s size. That’s why we are just excited to find ourselves at Southern Utah University, Georgia Southern University, Northwestern Health Science University, and Kirkwood Community College!

Interested in tracking down our delicious, all-natural nut clusters at a store near you? We’ve provided links to all our university friends below to aid your search!

These university stores learned what it means to Snack In Sanity, and now it’s your turn!

Find them Today!

The Nuttiest Time of Year: April Fools Day!

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That’s right folks. Spring has officially begun, we are already through the third month of the year, and we have landed at one our favorite days of the year – April Fools Day!

The jokesters and pranksters around the world are out in full force today, proving just how nutty humans can be!

Maybe it’s because we are every-day kind of fools, or maybe it’s because we love you all too much to make your heart skip another beat today, but we actually don’t have any jokes lined up for the holiday. We will leave those for the other 365 days of the (leap) year!

Instead, we will celebrate the holiday with all of you by going through some of the best and worst April Fools Day pranks and jokes out there. So, sit back and try not to laugh (or cry) too hard!

The Corporate Jokesters

Plenty of companies and news outlets love to get in on the fun of April Fools day. Most of them are harmless and silly, but others (looking at you Google) can get pretty ugly.

Add some local, handcrafted art to your next trip to the bathroom with Quilted Northern Rustic Weave.

Watch your favorite Youtube videos with your favorite Dogg with the innovated SnoopaVision.


April Fools Day seems to be the day that every website tries to become The Onion, releasing joke headline after joke headline.

Forget scratch & sniff! The future is click & lick!

Playstation is taking your Virtual Reality experience to the pool with Flow. Make sure you bring a swimsuit!


Joke headlines and goofy videos are one thing, but be sure you don’t make the same mistake as Google whose intrusive additions to emails have lead to some people getting fired.

A Little Spring Madness

Every so often, the year’s college basketball tournament got an extra dose of madness as it makes it’s way into the beginning of April. See how one team took advantage of April Fools Day.

The Down Right Hilarious

While most April Fools jokes & pranks coming out of companies everywhere are silly and (for the most part) harmless, the “Best of” from the holiday come from close friends and co-workers.


Have a co-worker that likes to take their time in the restroom? Bring a change of clothes to work and turn the tables on them with this simple prank.

Confuse a friend and fill their voicemail inbox at the same time by posting these all around town.


Everyone has a friend or two that’s a little more than squeamish when it comes to bugs. Bust out the scissors & video camera, and get ready for some priceless reactions!

There is a fine line between a hilarious food prank and poison. Thankfully, this genius trick is all fun and no pain.

The “What-A-Ya Nuts?! Why Would You Do That?!”

No April Fools Day goes by without a feel pranks gone wrong. It goes to show that just because you have an idea for a prank sounds hilarious in your head, it doesn’t mean the person on the receiving end of the joke will think so too. So, if you’re thinking about pulling a prank along the lines of these, make sure you know the other person very well!

If there is one thing to take away from the nuttiest holiday of all, it’s that you don’t joke about tragedy. Even on April Fools Day.


Some people may despise the smell of air freshener, while others can’t live without it. One thing is for sure though; there is something fishy about the smell of shrimp.

The old saying, “You can’t always get what you want,” is definitely an important lesson for kids to learn, but these kids may agree that this prank may have gone a little too far.

And with that, we are ready to go out and enjoy the rest of April Fools Day! Hopefully you’ve picked up some great ideas, as well as ideas of what not to do! Stay safe out there!

A Celebration of Celebrations

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Here at What-A-Ya Nuts?!, we are big fans of celebrating. Birthdays, anniversaries, national holidays, you name it. And February, despite being the shortest month, is chock-full of wild and wacky things to celebrate. Whether it’s due to the compressed time frame or because of the winter doldrums, one thing is clear: people like to party in February.

We’ve chosen some of our favorite February observances, and in honor of National Haiku Writing Month (yep-February), we will share them with you in that ancient Japanese poetic device.

A Haiku for You & You

For many, the first February holiday that comes to mind is Valentine’s Day. Given that there are entire web pages devoted to Valentine Haiku, we thought we’d shine some light on the lesser-known but certainly equally-celebrated Singles Awareness Day, celebrated on February 15 (also serves as a consolation prize when Feb 14 didn’t go as planned.)

I do not care that
I don’t have a date tonight
More candy for me

Jello Goodness, My Old Friend


Next up: Jello Week. During the week of February 12-18, it’s time to get your J-E-L-L-O on. Small children, tonsillitis patients, frat boys, and amateur hairdressers alike will rejoice.

Cherry, lime, or grape
It jiggles, wobbles, and shakes
I like it with booze

It’s 5-O-Clock Somewhere

National Margarita Day is February 22. What could be better? Well, if you own a Mexican restaurant or just feel that ‘Taco Tuesday’ is far too limiting, you’ll be glad to know that a mere two days later, on February 24, it’s Tortilla Chip Day!

Margarita Day
Adding chips and salsa
Makes the week kick ass

Some-monds Are Better Than No-monds


If case you’re still hungry and/or in need of a little protein after binging on chips, margaritas, and jello in your post-Valentine funk, you’re in luck– February 16 is National Almond Day. What-A-Ya Nuts?! wouldn’t be the company it is today without the almond, so we proudly pay homage.

The humble almond:
in What-A-Ya Nuts?! flavors
it’s allowed to shine

P: 12345678

Now, lest you think we are only interested in the food & drink celebrations (although, let’s just admit that those are the best), we have a matter of serious importance. February 1 was Change Your Password Day. We are not suggesting that you should only practice improving your online security on that day, but it’s a nice reminder.

Change passwords today
Ours are inspired by nuts

Presentations & Pajamas

Speaking of passwords, if you work from home, you probably have to perform daring feats of internet acrobatics using multiple passwords just to log into your company’s server. National Telework Week is celebrated during the week of Alexander Graham Bell’s birthday, which in 2016 is Feb 28- March 5. No one uses the word ‘telework’ anymore, but no one celebrates Alexander Graham Bell’s birthday (or yours, if you WFH) either. We aren’t letting it stop us.

First, a tribute to the benefits of working from home:

Sitting in PJs
A cat on my computer
I’m winning at life


But telecommuting isn’t always awesome:

When ‘colleagues’ are pets
They do not bring birthday treats
Cupcakes for one, please.

Deevine Wine

Ok, time to get back to food and drink. Our two final contributions to your February excuse-for-a-food-fest observance calendar are:

National Drink Wine day, celebrated daily all over the world, but officially on February 18. We think wine is divine. It’s one of our favorite things to pair with WYN (ok, it’s one of our favorite things to pair with just about anything).

A nice Gewürztraminer,
like ‘Colt 45’,
It works every time

Snack In Sanity

And finally, our favorite, National Snack Food Month. Naturally, an entire month devoted to our raison d’être gives us a thrill, and although we are inclined to sail a thousand poetic ships in its honor, it really just comes down to this:

When I feel snacky
Keep your popcorn and candy
Nuts are where it’s at


Be sure to share any haiku you may have for celebrating the month!

Happy February, everyone!

The Nuttiest Trends of 2015

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Welcome back to another special Nutty Rant that will surely make you say, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!”

This week we take a look at the craziest, wackiest trends in fashion & food of 2015. We won’t stop there, though, as we also give you the inside scoop on what to look for in 2016!

Leafy Hair

One crazy trend that had us rolling on the ground was the rise of pasting gold leaf in hair.

leaf 4 web

We predict that 2016 will see a turn towards a more… organic approach and see the rise of leafy hair.

Flower Bed Beards

Guys in 2015 decorated their hair with the same kind of “all-natural” approach, introducing the world to the Flower Beard.

Beard 4 web

In an attempt to one-up each other in a competition to see who can be the most down to earth, don’t be surprised if you see a spike in Bee Beards in 2016.

Clowning Around

Surprisingly, these girls aren’t “clowning around”, they are actually putting on their makeup for the day in the trendiest way 2015 could come up with.

Clown 4 web

Will 2016 be the year Pennywise can roam the streets unnoticed again?

Water Enhancements

Think everybody was moving towards health-conscious food habits in 2015? Think again!

water 4 web

Evidently, plain-old water wasn’t good enough for some last year, which is where so-called Fat Water came into play. Maybe 2016 will be the year Diet Water finally finds a market.

Eat Your Drinks

Humans have been experimenting with alcohol for thousands of years at this point, but 2015 saw the first ever Powdered Alcohol. Unfortunately, we don’t have plans to taste test it with our delicious nut clusters (like we did with Urban Chestnut last summer).

Alcohol 4 web

At this rate, will 2016 be the year science leads us to an edible “Bloody Mary” tomato or “Pina Colada” coconut. One can only hope.


The most unsurprising trend of 2015 has to be the continuous growth of on-the-go food. This, naturally led to an increase in gas station kitchens, as people looked for a one stop shop.

Grab 4 web

Don’t settle for these greasy alternatives, though! We (shamelessly) recommend that you to stock up on plenty of our delicious, all-natural nut clusters throughout 2016 instead so you can save your time, money, and gut!

Lessons Learned in 2015

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Well, the year is finally coming to an end. 2015 has been jam packed with plenty of things that made us go, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” Luckily, we didn’t have to learn these lessons the hard way!

1) Never use the internet to ask people what color your dress is.


2) Evidently, breaking into prison is just as difficult as breaking out…until you get caught.

3) Before calling the cops about a trespasser, remember whose house you’re in.


4) Wait until your first robbery is old news before going back for seconds.


5) Still think Pluto is a small, blue chunk of ice? Well, some still believe it’s a planet too, so don’t feel too bad now that we know it’s true color.


6) If your plan is to raise a medication’s price by 5000%, you’re going to have a bad time.


7) Likewise, committing fraud is a lot easier when you don’t have a country mad at you.

8) Before making that important announcement, double check your notecards (we’re looking at you Steve Harvey).


9) Evidently, understanding ball inflation (or, in this case, deflation) is the first step in defining what makes a catch in the NFL.


10) If you’re a member of FIFA, it’s probably time to stop accepting all those lump sums of “Gifts”.


And with that, we’d like to wish you a happy end to 2015 and a wonderful beginning for 2016! Hopefully the new year provides just as much fodder for laughter and learning, and hopefully we are on the right side of it once again!

11 Things We Can All Be Thankful For

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Happy (belated) Thanksgiving and “You’re Welcome” Day (also known as Black Friday)!

Thought you didn’t have anything to be thankful for this Thanksgiving? Think again! There are plenty of things out there that bring joy to all and make our lives so much easier. Only a nut wouldn’t appreciate all these wonderful things!

So, without further adieu, here are 11 things we can all be thankful for this Holiday season and in life all year-round!

1) All of Siri’s extremely helpful responses and advice.


2) All of that good luck and amazing advice brought by fortune cookies.


3) Auto-correct. Because sometimes what you want to say isn’t quite incoherent enough to begin with.


4) All of those people in different countries that email us, offering to pay for a little help. (We still waiting for that wire transfer, but this is gonna be a game-changer.)


5) For the exhilarating content brought to us by C-SPAN. Falling asleep without a Tylenol PM has never been so easy! (The people they are filming can’t even stay awake!).


6) Legos. Keeping parents on their toes since 1932. (When was the last time you stepped on one?)


7) All of the healthy vegetables that make us feel better about stuffing ourselves at Thanksgiving dinner.

Candied Yams

8) The all natural delivery of canned cranberry sauce, always arriving at our homes in it’s natural shape.


9) All the time we get to spend with our kids during the holiday meal.


10) And all the quality family time we get after eating too much.


11) Lastly, but surely not least: all of the great shopping the day after.


So, be sure to count your blessings and never forget that there is plenty to be thankful for out there!

Best of the Internet: Halloween Edition

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Halloween 2015 is right around the corner, and some of the best entertainment can be found in the scariest of places…the internet. We’ve rounded up some of the best (and worst) for your amusement.

Pet costumes

People have always loved dressing up their pets, much to the chagrin of Jay Leno. Sorry Leno, some of these are too good to pass up!

Baked PugTato

Pug in a tater costume


This dog will scare the carp out of you

Animated dog in fish costume

via Giphy

This be mewtiny

Cat in a pirate costume


I think I’ll stick with the spring roll

Sushi dogs


And then there are those who get confused and dress themselves AS their pets. That makeup is NUTS!

lady dressed as her dog



Halloween-themed videos:

The WWW is an endless source of video horror (some of which even fall into that genre), but there is the occasional gem here are there. We favor the ones that make us giggle like a schoolgirl at a One Direction concert .

Note: If you’re at work, headphones may be in order.

Tonight Show #HalloweenFails

Drake vs Tarantula:

The Walking dead Broadway Halloween song:

Halloween Parties:

Need a halloween theme for your fête? As we gear up for the year-long circus that is American democracy in action, a Political Costume Party is both timely and (potentially) hilarious. Encourage friends to come as their favorite character. Costume shops report record sales for masks of ‘The Donald’, or you can DIY with these Hillary-approved options.

The front runners:

Hillary, The Donald, and Bernie

via NBC Chigago



via Imgur

Is your party kid-friendly? Bernie Babies are awfully cute!

Babies for Bernie


If you’re really forward-thinking, be sure to include 2020 presidential contenders in your decor.

Kanye West pumpkin

via The Fooze

And if you’re more concerned with the politics in Westeros, pick your house and send out invitations to your Game of Thrones costume party.

House of Thrones pumpkins


And finally, our nominee for Best Costume: Deez Nuts

Deez Nuts is an actual presidential hopeful, and Deez, if you’re listening, we’ve got some great giveaways for when you hit the campaign trail!

Peanut costumes

via Costumish