Wine is Divine, but Nuts Fill Your Guts!

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These days, What-a-ya Nuts?! are everywhere (except Kroger. We are coming for you, Kroger! The people demand What-a-ya Nuts?!). We are developing, dare we say, something of a snack nut empire. While that may be a tiny bit of an exaggeration, to say that festival-goers at the recent Wine on the WestSide event in Cookeville, Tennessee, went NUTS for What-a-ya Nuts?!, is not.

photo (1)

We were excited to attend Wine on the WestSide, an annual 21-and-over festival that highlights craft beers, wines from around the world, and plenty of amazing food vendors. Located in historic downtown Cookeville, it is three square blocks of awesome. Although we were there to show off our nuts, we enjoyed the party as much as anyone.

With attendance around 2,500, we were able to expose our nuts to a lot of new customers. That last sentence was awkward, but it’s truerevelers at the event were all smiles when they saw us heading their way, and feedback on our “not too sweet, not too salty” (to quote a fan) nut clusters was amazing. Amid shouts of ‘What-A-Ya Nuts?!’, we got high fives and rave reviews as folks enjoyed the festival atmosphere.

photo 4

As the night progressed, hungry patrons began to seek us out, looking for some sustenance and a break from imbibing. Our samples of Maple Cinnamon Madness, Jalapeno Hysteria, and Cracked Parmesan Pepper took center stage as would-be patrons took photos and headed off to their local markets and grocery stores in search of product for themselves. More than one partygoer used the app to buy a case on the spot.

From our own completely unbiased taste tests, we felt that local fave Hap & Harry’s Tennessee Lager paired nicely with the spiciness of the Cracked Parmesan Pepper, while the Force of Nature Chardonnay really brought out the mapley goodness of Maple Cinnamon Madness (which is quite a force of nature itself). But really, the opportunities for pairing are endless, unlike this blog post.

470518_10150836107361436_20354531_oIf you missed us at Wine on the WestSide and find yourself in Cookeville on October 17, look for the mob around our tent at the WCTE Blues & Brews event! That all-day food & beer event looks like it’s going to be NUTrageous! And if you can’t make that festival, you clearly need to reexamine your priorities, but with the word getting out, it won’t be long before you’re seeing us everywhere.

And finally, we leave you would-be festival-goers with these profound words of wisdom: Wine is divine, but Nuts fill your guts. Snack in Sanity!

Football without a great tailgate? What-A-Ya Nuts?!

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As we enter September, most schools have already resumed classes and Fall Sports are getting underway. Today, September 3rd, is actually one of the biggest days for the most essential fall sport. Football Season has begun!

On this day, the NFL is wrapping up their pre-season with all 32 teams facing off, the infamous “DeflateGate” is finally over, and the NCAA officially kicks off the regular season this evening.

That said, the game is only half the fun. Now, you might be thinking, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” but no game is complete without a proper tailgate! On top of that, no tailgate is complete without good food.

What makes a good tailgate snack though? Well, we’ll tell you. It’s got to have great taste, mobility, creative flair, and (of course) it’s got to go well with a cold beverage.

So, keeping all that in mind, here is a handy list of snacks that will surely take your tailgating game to the next level and impress all the fans!

Fan Favorites

Individual Seven Layer Dip

Everybody knows the usual tailgating foods include hot dogs, brats, burgers and dips. Step up your game, though, with these delicious foods made to be eaten on the go!

7-Layer Dip, In a Cup

Fend off those double dippers and mass consumers with this brilliant dip in a cup. By making individual portions of the ever popular 7-Layer Dip, everybody can get their fill without crowding the table or worrying about what else might be in there!

Bite-Sized Pizza Puffs

Everyone loves pizza. After all, you can top it with whatever your heart desires. Unfortunately, the ordinary pizza shape and cut has never been the best for game day or on-the-go snacking. All that has changed, though, with these delicious, bite-sized pizza puffs!

Pizza Dip

If you think those pizza bites are brilliant, then you have to take a look at this recipe! We’ve already covered the fact that everyone loves pizza and a good dip. Well, now you can put down the sticky dough and combine these fan favorites! With this pizza dip, you are guaranteed to make some new friends!

Walking Tacos

While some might save their monthly or weekly dose of tacos for any given Tuesday, we think they are a must for the next tailgate! That said, a good tailgate dish is as much about mobility as it is about taste. That’s why you can’t pass up these genius Walking Tacos!

You brought WHAT? What-A-Ya Nuts?!


Looking for a dish that few have experienced and will turn people’s heads? Well, these recipes will surely do the trick!

Pizza Burgers

As we’ve touched on already, pizza is a staple in almost everybody’s diet. After all, Congress did declare pizza a vegetable at one point. On the other hand, no traditional tailgate is complete without a beefy burger. So, why not mix the two? Next time you’re out there preparing to support your team, surprise your guests with the versatile Pizza Burger!

Bacon Bourbon Pecan Brownies

They have WHAT in them? While some of the true zealots out there may have already experienced the decadent combination of bacon and brownies, these baked treats will surely have people shouting, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” That said, who wouldn’t want breakfast, some good ol’ fashioned tree-nuts, dessert, and a drink all wrapped into one?

Interested in mixing things up even more? Check out this list of the most bizarre tailgate foods ever found!

The Nuttiest Treats


While we love how over-the-top some tailgates can get, there is no denying our other love; delicious, all-natural, and healthy foods. Keeping your dishes on the lighter side doesn’t have to be disappointing though, especially if you bring in your beer’s best friend; the almighty tree-nut.

Party Nut Mixes

While you could stick to these easy recipes of tree-nuts mixed with other spices and treats, we challenge you to compare their ingredients with ours. You may just find that they are more similar than you ever imagined, and could save yourself the trouble by grabbing a bag of your favorite flavor (or all four!).

Nutty Cheese Balls

The only thing better than balls of cheese are those that have been covered in delicious tree-nuts! While most recipes call for toasted pecans covered in spices, we encourage you to try the next batch using our delicious nut clusters! Whether you use the savory Cracked Parmesan Pepper or decide to spice things up with the Jalapeno Hysteria, we are sure you’ll find the combination delightful!

Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thinking about sticking to the always popular chocolate chip cookie infused with your favorite tree-nut? Well, next time try using our Stark Raving Chocolate nut clusters to give your cookies that extra chocolatey and nutty flavor!

Nutty Apple Crisp

While you’ll surely need some extra plates and forks, everybody will be ecstatic when they smell that homemade apple crisp you bring! Instead of topping your recipe with plain old tree nuts, try kicking it up a notch with our Maple Cinnamon Madness into your next apple dish. The flavors were made to go together!

So, next time you go to the game, plan on making a day out of it with the best tailgate around! Invite all the friends, choose the dishes you’ll all love, and root your favorite team on with a full stomach!

A Special “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” Back to School List!

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Getting the kids or teenagers in your house ready for their dreaded first day back at school? Preparing yourself for the Fall semester at University? Then there is no doubt that you’ll soon be needing to do some back to school shopping.

Whether you are looking to set the newest trends or just breathe some new life and creativity into a mundane, everyday activity, you will definitely want to take a look at these nutty products! While a few of these are just plain awesome, picking up any one of these will have everyone screaming, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!”

For the Kids                         For the Teens                         For University


Source = Crayola

For the Kids

Next time you see “Box of Crayons” on your kid’s back-to-school list, don’t settle for the standard sized box that everyone will walk in with. Let your kid stand out with a set of 2 pound mega crayons!

We always tell kids to keep their dirty shoes off the furniture, especially tabletops. Now they’ll have a reason to keep their shoes off the ground with these whacky pencil cases disguised as classic Converse.

Though you can customize these containers with any image you want (giving you endless possibilities to catch everybody’s attention), the teachers will surely notice your kid walking in with this comical lunchbox!

If you think any of these are beyond nutty, wait till you take a look at some of the weirdest supplies requests ever!




Source =

For the Teens

Even though laptops are becoming more of a staple within secondary education, USB drives have become a necessity. Nobody wants to show up with an ordinary ‘thumb-drive’, so get your teenager a storage device that will stand out!

Nowadays, laptops have become increasingly more important for students, especially those in high school. Unfortunately, they are the most expensive item on the list! Help your teen protect their laptop from dust, scratches, and theft with these super market oriented covers!

Next time someone prematurely staples a document, be ready with a new, swanky staple remover! While your teenage will surely impress with such an intricate design for a device only used occasionally, they will undoubtedly yell, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” when they find out how much it costs!  

Your teenager’s teachers will find themselves double-taking this semester as they begin to see social media engagement on homework and tests. Making use of Facebook’s universal “Like” button, this new tool will allow you student to give anything a stamp of approval.



Source =

For University

Nobody likes carrying things with their hands, especially when you can strap in on your back with little inconvenience! Backpacks are no longer restricted to cloth or leather turtle shells with a few zippered pockets. Confuse your fellow classmates with one of these zany backpacks!

Most teachers are fairly understanding and lenient about allowing snacks in their class. Take it one step further, though, and see the look on their faces when you show up with an easily storable, solar powered, hot and ready three course meal!

Everybody knows college is expensive, which means cutting costs in as many ways as possible. Luckily, you can even save money on making your music portable with these recycled cardboard speakers.

Every college student will attest to the fact that a lot of time spent at university is in front of the computer. While technology has undoubtedly made research and school work more efficient and effective, sitting around, typing and clicking for hours on end can cause frigid fingers and toes. Thankfully, a couple of heroes out there have come up with USB-powered gloves and slippers! Now you’ll just have to explain to your friends why you are plugged into the computer and have s’mores for feet!

Unfortunately, most dormitories have fairly strict rules against electrical food appliances like toasters, fryers, and grills. That’s why you need an iGrill, so you can do your cooking anywhere else, and get work done at the same time!

When you are finally done using your computer’s USB slot for grilling or keeping your hands and feet warm, the last thing you want is a messy pile of wires. Who needs twist ties, though, when you can easily fold your cords into tacos?

So, there you have it folks! Be sure to start the school year off right with at least one of these nutty back to school products, making all the kids and teachers scream, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!”

Its Not Too Late, Start A Summer Bucket List Now!

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What’s that you say?

You haven’t even started your Summer Bucket List?? What-a-Ya Nuts?! 

We have finally made it to the middle of summer.  That means the summer is half-full and ready for use, so let’s fill up that bucket list with great ideas!

Drop the Remote

Source = reading....again on Flickr


In this day and age, we all know how much time one can waste channel-surfing even though there are plenty of other ways to have fun while still relaxing. That’s why no Summer Bucket List is complete without some ideas for productive relaxation!

  • Read a good book – And you shouldn’t stop at just one! Don’t worry if you need help finding a new book to read because we’ve got you covered. If you’re more interested in reading on your phone, tablet, or laptop, then check out Project Gutenberg for thousands of free ebooks!
  • Try out an audiobook – Not a fan of relaxing with your eyes open? Or do you plan on spending a good chunk of your summer traveling? Then get your fix of literature this summer with an audiobook!
  • Stock up on podcasts – Whether you’re looking for comedy, current events, political discussion, or just plain talking, podcasts are quickly becoming the go-to medium for on demand, on the go radio. Check out Digital Trends’ top 100 podcasts while making your Summer Bucket List!
  • Locate water – No matter how you choose to spend your time relaxing, there is no better place to do so than by the water! Go to the local pool, the closest lake or river, or just drive to the coast and enjoy some fun in the sun!


Move Around


While most people’s summertimes are bound to feature some good rest and relaxation, there is no better time to get get out and enjoy the world. Every Summer Bucket List should include something to get you moving and having fun!

  • Plan a camping trip – Extend your time near the water or ditch the heat in the mountains by turning it into a full on camping trip! Check this map out to find a campsite anywhere across the USA.
  • Pick up geocaching – If you’ve never experienced the thrill of discovering a hidden treasure or leaving one for another to find, then you’ve got to add geocaching to your Summer Bucket List!
  • Find a festival – The summer is heating up as we get closer to August, and the music is getting even hotter! It’s not too late to score tickets to one of the big festivals like Burning Man, Lollapalooza or Lockn’, but if you want to stay close to home, there are still plenty of festivals across the country.
  • Play ‘trip roulette’ – Even though we shouted, “What-a-Ya Nuts?!” when we heard about Heineken’s roulette based campaign a few years ago, adding a bit of randomness to your next summer trip sounds like loads of fun. Flying is the most talked about method of departure roulette, but others have figured out how to safely unplan your next road trip!


Create Something


We can’t always be on the go, which is why one of the best ways to spend free time is to tap into your creative side! Here are a few ideas for the Summer Bucket List that will both test and expand your imagination!

  • Write something – It can be a short story, a blog post, a poem, or even a song! Looking for some help with getting started or have a case of writer’s block? Click here for some inspiring writing prompts!
  • Make some tie dye – Are you someone who can’t seem to get enough tie dye? Save yourself the money and make your own, unique patterns! Never done it before? Well, here is a quick guide to get started, and, for those who learn better by watching, here is a quick how-to video!
  • Draw or paint a picture – It doesn’t matter if you’re already a master of the fine arts or if your current masterpiece is a doodle you drew on your notes last week. Everyone can enjoy and benefit from drawing or painting throughout the summer! If you’re feeling brave, you can try the Hundred Day Drawing Challenge (of course you can paint too, if you’d like).
  • Build it, don’t buy it – A Summer Bucket List is the perfect place to make time for starting your next project! Whether you want some chalk for the sidewalk, a new kitchen table or an add-on for the back patio, save yourself some money, learn a few new skills and do it yourself this summer!


Remember, Health Matters

heart health

Without your health and well-being it would be impossible to attempt any of your Summer Bucket List! So, whether you’re at home or traveling around, make sure you save some room for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Start working out – Halfway through the summer is as good a time as ever to finally start working out like we all planned back in January. If you’ve got time to read a book, hit the beach, or go camping, then you can probably find the time to set yourself a goal, learn the proper exercises to reach your goal, and get into a routine.
  • Garden for Fall – The end of July and the beginning of August is essentially the perfect time for Fall gardening. If you’re unsure about what will grow in your area this time of year, this site will give you a planting calendar based on your zip-code.

Well, there you have it folks. If you can’t find something in there to help you enjoy and make the most of the summer, then I don’t know what to tell you (except to follow the links listed below). We hope you enjoy the remainder of your summer and don’t forget to Snack In Sanity!

Spend your Summer indoors? What-a-Ya Nuts?!

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Well, we’ve finally made it, folks.

Made it to what, you ask? What-a-Ya Nuts?!?

Father’s Day is tomorrow, falling directly on the Summer Solstice! On top of that, the dog days of summer and Independence Day are RIGHT around the corner!

After learning how to pack for any Summer activity last week, it’s time to pull out our calendars and fill the longest and hottest days of the year with the nuttiest of adventures! Not sure what to do or where to go? Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with a list featuring some of the best outdoor activities to liven up anybody’s summer!

Go to a game


Now that the finals are over for hockey and basketball, it’s time to enjoy the sports under the sun! Between baseball, golf, and soccer, everyone should be able to find some competitive entertainment this summer.

Nothing beats the enjoyment of the national pastime of the United States; Baseball. Between the minor league and major league, you are bound to be close enough to join in the fun! Not sure where the closest park is to you? Well, here is a map showing the hundreda of places to catch a game in the States!

With July coming up fast, baseball is closing in on it’s mid-season break. If the regular season isn’t exciting enough for you, then the All-Star Summer Events should keep you entertained! On top of the exhilarating Home Run Derby, you’ll get a chance to see the sports best players go head to head for home field advantage in the World Series.

Not a fan of baseball? Don’t worry! There is plenty of soccer around the States too! If you’re lucky enough to live near a Major League Soccer team, you won’t regret joining in the madness! The MLS isn’t the only soccer organization in the States though, so you can enjoy the sport in just about any city!

Don’t feel like going crazy in the stands, screaming for your favorite team? You might enjoy a day of leisure in the sun, following the slower pace and grace of golf! The PGA Tour is in full swing and pops up all over the country, so everyone should have a chance to catch a match. If you prefer to play as opposed to watch, then check out this handy tool for finding a course near you!

Follow the sound



Sports aren’t the only events that love taking advantage of such pleasant weather. The longer days, sunny skies and starry, temperate nights are perfect for musicians and music lovers alike!

There is no doubt you’ve heard about the Grateful Dead’s final reunion coming up this 4th of July weekend in Chicago. While ticket sold out like hot cakes nut clusters, the surrounding park and parking lot are bound to be swarming with fans and fun!

Already have plans for your 4th of July weekend, but still want to make it to a festival soon? You’re in luck! Festivals are all over the county and happen almost every weekend! Michigan’s Electric Forest Festival is perfect for those looking to get their fix of dancing the night away to electronica, while the West Virginia All Good Music Festival is a great place to jam out and go with the flow of sound!

Beat the heat


The Summer heat is not always a win-win situation. While the nicer weather allows for most activities to occur in the fresh air, the heat can definitely get unbearable!

That doesn’t mean we need to retreat indoors!

One way to stay outside and rescue your electric bill from the A/C, even in the worst heat, is to dive right into the cool, refreshing water! While some may have their own pool to relax in, most aren’t so lucky! For those looking for a place to cool off, check out this map of public pools around the USA.

While hopping into a man-made pool is surely a good time, the long daylight hours and the added Summer heat are great for getting on the water too. Canoeing, kayaking, floating or boating; it doesn’t matter! Grab your friends and family, pack the coolers, and hit the water! Not sure where to start your trip? We’ve got you covered with a map of rivers and lakes to launch your vessel!

So, there we have it, folks. As you can see, the beginning of summer is the true beginning to having fun in sun! Whether you decide to watch a game, enjoy some tunes in the fresh air, take advantage of the perfect weather to relish in the water, or build any combination of activities, there are plenty of ways to fill your calendar this summer! Get out there, build a relationship with Mother Nature and your friends at the same time, and don’t forget to stock up on your favorite flavor of delicious nut clusters so you can power through any event you jump into this season!

Packing for your summer on the go!

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It’s already mid-June and the summertime fun is heating up! With the dog days of summer right around the corner, there are dozens of events and activities outside the office and house to prepare for!

Dog Days of Summer

It’s Getting Doggone Hot in Here!


Are you going to one of the many festivals coming up? Or maybe planning on a camping trip with friends and family? Even if you’re just going for a day hike, it’s always best to be prepared with food and supplies that are built for life on the go! Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with a great mix of lists to help you prepare for whatever your summer may bring!

No matter where you plan on going this summer, it’s likely to include at least a small road trip. Nobody wants to lose steam or get cranky in the closed quarters of a car, so be sure to stock up on the best snacks for your road trip!


Source =


While it’s always good to be ready for a long drive, nothing is worse than showing up to a festival, looking to have some fun, only to realize you forgot something! You may not be attending Bonnaroo, but this Pinterest has an awesome list of snacks, gear, and goodies to bring to any festival.

When you are out camping, there is nothing quite like food that’s been cooked over an open fire. You don’t always want to wait for the fire, though, which is why packing snacks to munch on throughout the day is so important! Take a look at these 10 great camping snack ideas!

Summer Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail

Fan Photo!


Do your summer plans include hitting the hiking trails? Well, if so, you never want to forget the snacks that are perfectly compact, light-weight, yet filling and stuffed with energy. Luckily, Chow has got your back, providing 27 awesome snack options for any trail!

Whether you benefit from one of these lists or all four, there is no doubt that you’ll want to pack a snack! If you check out the NUT-rition of our delicious, all-natural nut clusters, then you’ll find that they are perfect for any of this summer’s activities. Give them a try on your next trip and you’re sure to have a great time!

UCBC and What-a-ya Nuts?!: Let the Summer Begin!

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Welcome and Happy Memorial Day 2015! The schools are closed, pools open, the BBQ’s are out, and the summer is almost in full swing! We’ve all been here before, and we all know the importance of a perfect food & drink combination.

This year, we took the perfect pairing to a whole new level, joining up with the St. Louis local brewery Urban Chestnut for the tasting-testing of a life-time!

As the beer began to flow, the bowls of nut clusters began to empty, and the conversations grew louder with the increase of laughter, we knew the products weren’t the only things that went well together! Our two companies share similar philosophies and are equally as nutty!


After talking to their brewer, Florian, we discovered our two companies were a match made in heaven!  While Florian tries to make their beers all about about balance instead of extra strong or potent, Howie is working equally as hard trying not to overpower your taste-buds with too much spicy, savory or sweet!

Luckily, when we showed up to the brewery we weren’t too inexperienced with the taste of beer, as you can see from last year. To help bring out the kick of our spicy mix, we needed the refreshing taste of a light beer, like most lagers and pilsners. For the perfect combination with our chocolatey flavor, we needed a darker, rich beer like a Porter or Stout.

The Perfect Pairings

So, enough about us and the fun we had during our joint-company tasting that we like to refer to as “work” or “market research”. Here is what you came for, the perfect combinations of What-A-Ya Nuts?! & Urban Chestnut!

Jalapeno Hysteria + STLIPA

The Jalapeno Hysteria nut cluster is a spicy little number that kicks you in the tonsils and makes you beg for more. Combining almonds, pecans, honey and cashews with real jalapeno, this savory snack gives your the flavor and spice of the delicious pepper without overpowering your sense! The St. Louis India Pale Ale is actual a Double India Pale ale, featuring double the states of a traditional pale ale.


Because the Jalapeno Hysteria can be a little sneaky, the STLIPA was the perfect pair with it’s double-dose of pale for what “ales” you. The beer’s extra flavor helps enhance the heat and flavors of the jalapeno, while the nut cluster’s delicious flavors help offset the beer’s hoppy bitterness.

Cracked Pepper Parmesan + Fantasyland

Our Cracked Parmesan Pepper is a savory little snack that offers all the flavor of happy hour hors d’oeuvres in a snack you can eat at any hour. Easily one of our most flavorful nut clusters, the CPP features almonds, cashews, honey and pecans subtly combined with the perfect mixture of cracked pepper and Parmesan cheese!

Urban Chestnut’s Fantasyland brew is a copper colored West-coast India Pale ale. It holds the biggest punch of hoppy bitterness, flavor and aroma out of all their beers. Fantasyland: A copper colored West-coast IPA.

While nobody was sold on the pair right out the gate, we all grew to love combination. Kind of like a relationship, the strengths of each taste grow together and compliment each other more and more after every bite!

Maple Cinnamon Madness + Winged Nut

The Maple Cinnamon Madness is quite the treat, tasting just like the top of Grandma’s coffee cake. Featuring Almonds, pecans, honey and cashews, it’s like breakfast without the double stack of guilt!

Urban Chestnut’s Winged Nut is brewed with finely milled chestnuts (genus castanea..for you nut freaks out there!), Willamette hops, and then fermented with a Bavarian Weissieber yeast to build a ‘nutty’ flavor and personality!


With the group agreeing as a whole, this combination was by far one of the best matches ever! After just one taste, the combination was a no-brainer!

Stark Raving Chocolate + Harwood Myth

Our Stark Raving Chocolate is like a chocolate-chip cookie without the post-cookie regrets! With the perfect combination of Almonds, pecans, honey and chocolate chunks, these nut clusters make a delicious dessert after any meal!

The Urban Chestnut Harwood Myth is an English-style, brown Porter with a nicely rounded, roasted malt flavor. Made with chocolate malt, you might detect some caramelly cocoa surrounding the bitterness of the sides of your tongue.

Described as getting a scoop of chocolate ice cream and then adding some chocolate syrup on top, or even like getting coffee with a dessert, these two treats make the perfect pair for anybody with a sweet tooth!

Let the party begin!

Hopefully everyone found at least one pairing they can take to their next picnic, BBQ, or party! Keep an eye out for more about our experience with Urban Chestnut and for more perfect pairings we come across as the Summer starts to heat up!

Graduation and Snackification

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Currently, we are in the midst of graduation season, but students aren’t just educating themselves towards a graduation. As we’ve seen plenty of times before, there are a plethora of articles about food health available, and this fact is leading to a world where snack-foods are no longer exclusively junk-foods.

Thankfully, we were fully prepared to be a part of, and even help lead, the snack-food industry during this important stage of evolution. After all, studies like this continue to show a shift in what we eat and the way we eat, mostly towards on-the-go foods and high-quality proteins like seeds and nuts!


What we weren’t expecting, though, was for nut clusters to graduate into the class of gourmet dishes! Thanks to the likes of Herbie’s Vintage 72 and Clementine’s Creamery (and popular demand of course!), the various flavors of our nut clusters have been turned into deliciously unique treats.

So, as you can tell, students aren’t the only one’s becoming smarter or graduating this time of year! Consumers and businesses alike are educating themselves and pushing the snacking industry (ourselves included) towards a much needed graduation away from the typical, boring junk-food!



Happy Nutty Fudge Day!

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Source =

There can never be too many holidays, especially when they are centered around food! So, today we are here to celebrate National Nutty Fudge Day!

Evidently, the development of fudge in the United States of America primarily took place in women’s colleges during the 1880’s! Using gaslights and chemistry sets, these females made it possible for us to celebrate deliciousness today!

This Nutty Fudge Day, why not honor our history by making some of your own? You can even use one of our four flavors of nut clusters, using the recipe below!

What sounds good? An exotic Jalepeno Nutty Fudge? A sweet Maple Cinnamon Nutty Fudge?  Or maybe the classic A Stark Raving Chocolate Nutty Fudge? Choose your favorite and give it a try!

Recipe (edited from Joy of Baking recipe)

  • 1 1/2 cups of your favorite bag of What-a-Ya Nuts?!
  • 14-ounce can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 pound of bittersweet or semisweet chocolate (finely chopped)
  • 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter
  • 2 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract

Begin by chopping the nut clusters into smaller pieces.

Line an 8 or 9 inch square baking pan with aluminum foil.

Combine the condensed milk, chopped chocolate, and butter in a heatproof bowl and place over a saucepan of simmering water. Melt the chocolate mixture, stirring frequently, making sure the mixture doesn’t get too hot or the fudge may be grainy. Stir until smooth (it will be very thick).

Remove from heat and stir in the vanilla extract and chopped nut clusters. Spread the fudge into the prepared pan, smoothing the top with an offset spatula. Let stand at room temperature until cool (this can take several hours).

Carefully remove the fudge from the pan by lifting the edges of the foil. With a long, sharp knife cut the fudge into one inch (2.5 cm) pieces. Store in the refrigerator for several days or freeze, well wrapped, for several months. Let thaw at room temperature, unwrapped, for a few hours before serving.

We hope you choose our nut clusters as you remember and honor our fudge-loving female ancestors! So, one last time, we want to wish you a very Happy Nutty Fudge Day!

Snack Smart to Work Smarter

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The old saying goes, “You are what you eat.” This means that for school and work we should be eating the smartest, healthiest foods around!

Whether it’s getting ready for the next big presentation at work, studying for finals, or just trying to preserve a youthful mind in old age, we always recommend eating brain-food! After all, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind!

One study we came across highlights everything from Whole Grains to Wild Salmon to Nuts & Seeds to Avocado. Another study we found brought up the importance and benefits of Oily Fishes, Tomatoes, Pumpkin Seeds, and Nuts! Finally, a third article points to Spinach, Beets, Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds, and even Bone Broth as beneficial brain-food.

Notice anything interesting while looking through each of the full lists? Nuts & Seeds show up across the board!

We definitely did our research when preparing our delicious nut clusters, and, as you can see in our picture of ingredients above, they contain the following all-natural booster foods:




Pumpkin Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

While we aren’t sure about all the other foods, we know that each of our nut clusters is packed with beneficial and essential vitamins and minerals. This article will help anybody interested in learning about the specific benefits of each type of tree-nut!

So, whether it’s writing that paper, preparing that big presentation, or studying for finals, be sure to snack smart!

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