America’s Nuttiest Holiday: The 4th of July

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Welcome back to another Nutty Rant that’ll surely have you screaming, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” at least a few times!


In case you missed it, last month’s post was laying down the details for your next big barbecue. Today, we dive into the most American holiday there is, Independence Day!

Most people know that the 4th of July is the time when friends, families, and communities gather for great food (especially hot dogs), better drinks, parades, fireworks, and music (among other things). While the traditional festivities are always a good time, sticking to the conventional isn’t really our style.

So, this 4th of July, we encourage you to check out some of these less common (and, in some cases, out-right weird) traditions!


For residents in Oregon, the Estacada Timber Festival has become a staple of July 4th. From the log roll to the speed climbing competition, this community has surely found their own way to celebrate Independence Day.


Going to be in Los Angeles for this year’s celebration? Head down to Venice beach and show off your muscles (or just watch other people flex the day away) at that Mr. and Mrs. Muscle Beach competition!


While the 4th of July is the celebration of the United States of America’s independence from the British Empire, the festivities aren’t bound to the mainland, or even our country! If you’re really trying to celebrate in an original way, hop across the pond and join our Danish friends and ancestors at the Rebild and Aalborg Celebrations.


Trying to jump into the festivities as early as possible? Head down to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where the parade begins at midnight and the celebration lasts all day!


Not a fan of how loud the fireworks and crowds get? Celebrate the new year in silence at the Season Premier for the San Francisco Mime Troupe!


Regardless of where or how you decide to celebrate this year, remember to bring plenty of your favorite nut clusters along for the ride so you can Snack In Sanity while you enjoy the festivity!

Want to learn more about the history and traditions behind the 4th of July? History Channel has got your back.

Looking for more traditional ways to celebrate Independence Day with the friends or family? We’ve got you covered on that too.

Be sure to stay safe and hydrated out there!