Happy National Grab Some Nuts Day!!

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What-A-Ya Nuts?! You’ve never heard of National Grab Some Nuts Day?! Well, that’s okay!

Today, August 3rd, is National Grab Some Nuts Day, an unofficial holiday that we just couldn’t pass up celebrating, and now we’re here to tell you all about it!

While nobody knows where the celebration started, or who came up with the idea, there’s never a bad time to praise the things we love! Whether you prefer almonds, pistachios, pecans, walnuts, or cashews, they are all worth honoring on this day!

What to Celebrate

All tree nuts have benefits that they share as well as their own unique qualities. That’s why there are already days throughout the year observing a number of them, including National Almond Day (February 16), National Pistachio Day (February 26), and National Pecan Day (April 14).

Today though, there is no discrimination as we celebrate the amazing qualities of each and every tree nut there are!

What are these qualities that make tree nuts worth having an entire day to celebrate you ask?? They are innumerable, but we will do our best to show you just how special each tree nut can be! For the sake of brevity, however, today we will focus on the specific tree nuts we love and include in our delicious, all-natural nut clusters!


Almonds, originally native to the Middle East, India, and Northern Africa, have been a staple of the human diet since ancient times. Since early civilization, humans have been spreading the almond tree all over the world and are now mainly produced in the United States & Spain.

The versatility of almonds will also blow your mind! We all know you can eat them plain or seasoned to deliciousness, but did you know they can also be used to make milk, pasta, flour, butter, and oils?

Aside from the fact that almonds are filling and full of energy to get you through the day, they also provide a number of health benefits. These include, but are not limited to, reducing the risk of a heart attack, lowering bad cholesterol, building stronger bones and teeth, lowering the rise in blood sugar and insulin after eating, and providing nutrients for boosted brain activity!


Unlike the almond, which originated in The Old World, the cashew is a New World tree nut that originated in Brazil.

While some may know that the cashew is a cousin of the pistachio, many may be unaware that they are also related to poison ivy! That’s why nothing sold as “raw cashews” are actually raw. Before they can be eaten, all cashews must be heated to a certain degree otherwise they can actually be poisonous.

That didn’t stop our ancestors from figuring out how delicious and nutritious they could be though, and we are forever thankful for that! Like almonds, cashews are good for the heart, help make healthier bones & nerves, and help with weight loss. They have their own unique benefits as well though, including helping with digestion, hair growth and strength, lowering blood pressure, and even preventing cancer!


Last, but certainly not least, is the almighty pecan! Like the cashew, pecans originated in the New World, but specifically North America. A staple of the Native American diet before the colonial era, pecans were one of the first crops pioneers from Europe learned to grow and cultivate in North America.

Aside from being easy to get a hold of and being absolutely scrumptious, pecans were often used to create an intoxicating drink that the Native Americans called Powcohicora. This drink & name are actually where the word for hickory comes from as well! They were and are also able to be used in a number of recipes to add a hearty, nutty flavor to any meal (not just our favorite Pecan Pies)!

Much like the other tree nuts we have observed already today, pecans are great for weight loss, digestive health, heart health, bones & teeth, and preventing certain cancers. Aside from these common benefits, pecans also have anti-inflammatory benefits, reduce the risk of having a stroke, strengthen the immune system, and help your skin and hair!

How to Celebrate

Other than the obvious (running out and grabbing your favorite tree nut or all of them at once in a bag of our delicious, all-natural nut clusters!), there are plenty of ways we are celebrating National Grab Some Nuts Day today!

Partnering up with our friends over at Y98, we have a whole day of festivities planned out for National Grab Some Nuts day!

This morning we were lucky enough to have our Head of State, Howie Sher, go on Fox 2 Now STL (AGAIN!!) to promote the unofficial holiday and our delicious, all-natural nut clusters! It’s only a matter of time until we get this to become an official national holiday (fingers crossed)! We will be sure to update with photos, videos, and any other content that came from this in case you missed it this morning!

The main event, though, is this evening! Again with our friends at Y98, we are going all out to celebrate National Grab Some Nuts day from 6 to 8pm in front of The Boathouse at Forest Park! There we will be handing out free samples of our two savory flavors, Jalapeno Hysteria and Cracked Pepper Parmesan.

Whether you are enjoying the park with family and friends, heading to the Muny, or stopping by the Missouri History Museum or St. Louis Art Museum, stop by to say hi and grab some of our all-natural nut clusters! We can’t wait to see you there and join in on the celebration! As always, remember to Snack In Sanity!