UCBC and What-a-ya Nuts?!: Let the Summer Begin!

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Welcome and Happy Memorial Day 2015! The schools are closed, pools open, the BBQ’s are out, and the summer is almost in full swing! We’ve all been here before, and we all know the importance of a perfect food & drink combination.

This year, we took the perfect pairing to a whole new level, joining up with the St. Louis local brewery Urban Chestnut for the tasting-testing of a life-time!

As the beer began to flow, the bowls of nut clusters began to empty, and the conversations grew louder with the increase of laughter, we knew the products weren’t the only things that went well together! Our two companies share similar philosophies and are equally as nutty!


After talking to their brewer, Florian, we discovered our two companies were a match made in heaven!  While Florian tries to make their beers all about about balance instead of extra strong or potent, Howie is working equally as hard trying not to overpower your taste-buds with too much spicy, savory or sweet!

Luckily, when we showed up to the brewery we weren’t too inexperienced with the taste of beer, as you can see from last year. To help bring out the kick of our spicy mix, we needed the refreshing taste of a light beer, like most lagers and pilsners. For the perfect combination with our chocolatey flavor, we needed a darker, rich beer like a Porter or Stout.

The Perfect Pairings

So, enough about us and the fun we had during our joint-company tasting that we like to refer to as “work” or “market research”. Here is what you came for, the perfect combinations of What-A-Ya Nuts?! & Urban Chestnut!

Jalapeno Hysteria + STLIPA

The Jalapeno Hysteria nut cluster is a spicy little number that kicks you in the tonsils and makes you beg for more. Combining almonds, pecans, honey and cashews with real jalapeno, this savory snack gives your the flavor and spice of the delicious pepper without overpowering your sense! The St. Louis India Pale Ale is actual a Double India Pale ale, featuring double the states of a traditional pale ale.


Because the Jalapeno Hysteria can be a little sneaky, the STLIPA was the perfect pair with it’s double-dose of pale for what “ales” you. The beer’s extra flavor helps enhance the heat and flavors of the jalapeno, while the nut cluster’s delicious flavors help offset the beer’s hoppy bitterness.

Cracked Pepper Parmesan + Fantasyland

Our Cracked Parmesan Pepper is a savory little snack that offers all the flavor of happy hour hors d’oeuvres in a snack you can eat at any hour. Easily one of our most flavorful nut clusters, the CPP features almonds, cashews, honey and pecans subtly combined with the perfect mixture of cracked pepper and Parmesan cheese!

Urban Chestnut’s Fantasyland brew is a copper colored West-coast India Pale ale. It holds the biggest punch of hoppy bitterness, flavor and aroma out of all their beers. Fantasyland: A copper colored West-coast IPA.

While nobody was sold on the pair right out the gate, we all grew to love combination. Kind of like a relationship, the strengths of each taste grow together and compliment each other more and more after every bite!

Maple Cinnamon Madness + Winged Nut

The Maple Cinnamon Madness is quite the treat, tasting just like the top of Grandma’s coffee cake. Featuring Almonds, pecans, honey and cashews, it’s like breakfast without the double stack of guilt!

Urban Chestnut’s Winged Nut is brewed with finely milled chestnuts (genus castanea..for you nut freaks out there!), Willamette hops, and then fermented with a Bavarian Weissieber yeast to build a ‘nutty’ flavor and personality!


With the group agreeing as a whole, this combination was by far one of the best matches ever! After just one taste, the combination was a no-brainer!

Stark Raving Chocolate + Harwood Myth

Our Stark Raving Chocolate is like a chocolate-chip cookie without the post-cookie regrets! With the perfect combination of Almonds, pecans, honey and chocolate chunks, these nut clusters make a delicious dessert after any meal!

The Urban Chestnut Harwood Myth is an English-style, brown Porter with a nicely rounded, roasted malt flavor. Made with chocolate malt, you might detect some caramelly cocoa surrounding the bitterness of the sides of your tongue.

Described as getting a scoop of chocolate ice cream and then adding some chocolate syrup on top, or even like getting coffee with a dessert, these two treats make the perfect pair for anybody with a sweet tooth!

Let the party begin!

Hopefully everyone found at least one pairing they can take to their next picnic, BBQ, or party! Keep an eye out for more about our experience with Urban Chestnut and for more perfect pairings we come across as the Summer starts to heat up!