10 Wacky Wedding Proposals

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Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

When it comes to the one we love, we will all surely express our feelings in a way that makes others shout, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” from time to time. That said, there definitely some expressions of love out there that are a little more than out of the ordinary.

Once the time for a wedding proposal comes around, though, most people step up their game in coming up with the most fitting, original way to pop the question. Lets just say, not all of them can be found under the label of “normality”!

So, as our Valentines Day gift to you, we’ve found 10 of the wackiest & weirdest proposals out there! Enjoy!

Usually you wait until after the marriage to get the tattoo, but, hey, at least he’s got confidence!

We understand that social media is playing a significant role in people’s lives these days, but What-A-Ya Nuts?! Who proposes over FACEBOOK??

While still in the digital realm, at least video games can be considered a common interest!

Proposing at your favorite restaurant is actually quite common, but McDonalds?? What-A-Ya Nuts?!

Lets just hope they aren’t too hungry for S’mores to notice what’s going on.

At least he knew she had her coffee for the morning before popping the question!



Who in the world decides to dress up as a group of carrots to pop the big question?



Would you deal with the pain of wiping out on water just to pop the question?



Or how about jumping off a building? (Talk about a leap of faith!)



What-A-Ya Nuts?! Nobody likes being put on the spot, especially on live television!

Now if one of those didn’t make you scream, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” we don’t know what will! Have a happy Valentines Day!!