Don’t Get Mad, Get Fad!

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What-A-Ya Nuts?! Everyone knows the end of March brings out the madness in all! Everybody’s got a bracket going, whether it’s for your favorite beer or the more obvious college basketball tournament.

Forget the brackets though! This March, we are funneling our madness by breaking into March Fadness! Side note shout out to, whom we came across after feeling like we landed on an original idea. I guess great mad minds do think alike!

Anyway, every generation has had it’s fair share of fads that just beg the question, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” So, as everyone is whittling their brackets down from 16 to 8, we present to you the 8 nuttiest fads of the past 4 decades!



A lot of the fads that had us going, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!”, are understandably fashion based. That said, there was no way we could leave out one of the nuttiest fads in history: the Pet Rock…. Emerging (and fading fast) in the 70s, the Pet Rock was an instant sensation that, when looked back upon, was one of the biggest head-scratching moments in human history!


While we currently look back to the 80s for wacky, popular fads in fashion (which we will jump into next), some fads of the 70s were ones we all quickly wanted to forget! Everyone remembers the bell bottoms and long hair, but thankfully we learned to put the quilted & knitted clothing fad long behind us. Between the quilted tunics, over-sized ponchos, and belted sweaters, the 70s sure were lucky we weren’t around to say, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!”, all day long!



If there ever was a decade know for experimental fashion, it was the 1980s. From jumpsuits to acid-washed denim, the decade introduced more fashion styles that made us say, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” than we can count on both hands! That said, no style had us cringing harder than the explosion of parachute pants and Zubaz! Really, how did they become so popular??


While the clothing of the 80s was definitely questionable at best, very little compared to the madness of the decade’s hairstyle. If you thought the big hair fad was bad though, it’s probably because you’ve erased from your memory the fact that there were much worse hairstyles. Exhibit A: The era of rat-tails & mullets.



While the 80s became iconic for it’s new wave, experimental fads in fashion, the 90s found a way to build off the decade prior. Unfortunately, it’s fair to say we didn’t learn too much from our fashion choices! From light up shoes to zip-off pants & backwards jeans, the 90s were filled with photos we never want to look back on. When it comes to the nuttiest fad of the decade though, nothing comes close to touching the JNCOs.

Between Joly, Bubble Yum Soda, Surge, and Pepsi AM, the 90s definitely introduced a plethora of short-lived, quirky sodas, but in terms of food experimentation, the one thing we are glad stayed in the 90s was the McDonald’s McPizza. A pizza…from McDonald’s… What-A-Ya Nuts?!



Back in the early to mid 2000s, you weren’t stylin’ unless you were all in on the Ugg Boots. While a little out of date now that it is 2017, those still holding on to their decade long obsession with Uggs will find little mockery these days. Unfortunately for some, the same can’t be said for it’s fashion counterpart (which saw similar success on the market), the Croc. No fad in fashion from the 2000s gets as much flack today (or at the time) as the over-sized, color saturated, plastic cheese-graters for shoes.


The other fad of the 2000s that had us screaming, “What-A-Ya Nuts?” centers around what we put in our mouths (or rather what we didn’t). No, we aren’t talking about Grillz, which were on a level of it’s own in terms of nuttiness. We are talking about the Atkins Diet. Remember when we all woke up and it seemed like people around the US simultaneous jumped on the fad diet, cursing every form of Carb they came across? While the fad actually produced a few options we still see today, like lettuce wraps at fast food joints, the world seemed to get a little more sane when we reintroduced Carbs back into our diets.

Well there you have it folks, our very first March Fadness! If reminiscing about these fads from decades past did have you going, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” then we don’t know what will! Have a great beginning to the Spring and remember to Snack In Sanity!