Getting Nuts Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail

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We’re really big fans of our fans, so when we were recently contacted by some What-A-Ya Nuts?!® fans who were hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail we thought, “Now, these guys sound nuts in the right way!”

Then we thought, “Well, we’ve definitely got to learn more about these fellows!”

So we got back with the duo, who call themselves “Captains of Us.” They’re a couple of college buddies named Dan and Jonathan who love the outdoors and a little adventure. But it’s one thing to love the outdoors, and entirely something else to hike 2,663 miles of it from Mexico to Canada!

Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail

Taking Inventory

Dan and Jonathan keep a great blog going about their travels and experiences during their adventure. Along with many other cool details, they also write about all of the gear they bring along with them, and the food they eat. So, we were thrilled to hear that a key healthy snack they used for fuel and energy was What-A-Ya Nuts?!®

They even dedicated a whole page of their blog to us, writing:

“We’ve eaten every kind of hiker food out there, from all the granolas, bars, oatmeal, and protein powder to peanut butter mixed with jelly in the jar. None of them offer such unique flavors. What-A-Ya Nuts, on the other hand, provided nice variety. My personal favorite was the Maple Cinnamon Madness, followed by Stark Raving Chocolate. While we do need a ridiculous number of sheer calories, nutrition is still important. It’s nice to know that those calories are healthy and not simply processed junk food. That’s where What-A-Ya Nuts?! excels. It’s got the good fats that give hikers energy to put away big miles, but, ya know, without just being plain old nuts.”

Aw, c’mon now… we’re blushing!

But we can’t say “Thanks!” enough to Dan and Jonathan for sharing their story with us.  And, hey –  if you know of any others out there who are also a little “nuts” in a great way, please let us know here.