Cracked Pepper Parmesan Goes the Distance

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Food Innovation Day Results

Recently, What-A-Ya Nuts?! products were featured in a 4-day symposium held by Leatherhead Food Research, an industry-leading scientific, regulatory and market research organization located in the UK.

We received a lovely note from Leatherhead about our participation in their recent Food Innovation Day event:

“Each year the exhibition is bigger and better than before as we are constantly on the look-out for the newly-launched and game-changing foods. This year the What-A-Ya Nuts?! products went down particularly well with Parmesan Cracked Pepper flavour judged to be the favourite.”

Parmesan Pepper_front 3

Fancy that! We’re trending:

A recent article released by Leatherhead describes their research on current food and drink trends.
Among others, here are some criteria consumers are demanding:

Health and Wellness: Almonds and cashews are favorite snacks of dieticians everywhere, and with good reason: almonds help lower cholesterol and provide calcium and antioxidants, while cashews are packed with iron, vitamin K, and folate. Health benefits aside, we just love the way they taste, especially paired with honey and jalapeno peppers!

Ongoing Demand for Natural: Our nut-tritious snacks are made from only the best all-natural ingredients- like honey, cinnamon, and olive oil- to maximize taste that won’t weigh you down or make you feel guilty.

Convenience: On the go, or taking it easy- we love that our nuts carry big taste anywhere we go without the dreaded “cheesy fingers”.

Affordable Luxuries: Whether you’re by the pool, sliding down the slopes, or just driving carpool, What-A-Ya Nuts?! are designed to let you enjoy rich flavors in a crunchy snack that won’t break the bank or your belt.

Flavour Solutions: At What-A-Ya Nuts?!, innovative flavor (and flavour, too) is born from the desire to keep the ingredient list simple. The Cracked Pepper Parmesan is uniquely flavored with combinations that will make you sit up and take notice, with lower sugar and sodium content than other packaged snacks.

What-A-Ya Nuts?! was a hit at Food Innovation Day



Who is Leatherhead, anyway?

Founded in 1919, and driven by a focus on food innovation, Leatherhead has a long history of representing the “who’s who” of global food industry, from big multi-nationals such as Snacks Unlimited, Kellogg’s, and Nestle to smaller producers like Blue California and Juice Bar Solutions. Their membership program includes over 1500 food and drink companies worldwide.

It was really exciting to participate in Food Innovation Day at Leatherhead Food Research, and the result of their research on consumer trends is no surprise to us- it’s what we hear from our customers every day!