About Our Head Of State

Howie Sher, Head of State Howie Sher, Head of State for What-A-Ya Nuts?!, is a former supermarket owner/operator, the fourth generation of his family to follow that path. He’s a lifer in the food industry. Howie’s knowledge stems from time served, learning from those he then led through mutual respect and constant connection within the industry, at every level — from newly hired baggers to the CEOs of major US food companies.

“It’s something I’m very proud of — that you can produce a food that’s good tasting without having to enhance anything.”

-Howie Sher, Founder

With more than 30 years in the industry, Howie has developed and maintained relationships within each facet: retailers, wholesalers, brokers, as well as executives at large manufacturing companies and at start-ups. “I understand all of the inner workings of the traditional retail food business, from plant to pantry,” says Howie. Howie brings that experience and passion to the creation of What-A-Ya Nuts?! What he has created is something that he is very proud of. His products are ‘better for you’ snack foods that didn’t need to be artificially enhanced to taste good. “I want people to think about what they eat, but to enjoy their food as well,” says Howie.