The Creation of The Cluster

Remember when snack ingredients were understandable, and pronounceable? When nuts had their flavor enhanced with chocolate and cinnamon, not monosodium glutamate. So do we! Whataya Nuts, LLC was established in January 2010 to fulfill owner Howie Sher’s dream of creating a better-for-you snack food for snackers craving better snack options.

Our team, comprised of individuals whose careers span many areas of the food industry, is dedicated to bringing you our delicious, all-natural nut clusters for your snacking pleasure. Food is fuel, but should also be fun!

If you enjoy long walks on the beach and leisurely showers with cracked pepper & parmesan cheese or maple syrup & cinnamon, What-A-Ya Nuts?! is the crunchy number you’re looking for. How about a little spicy nighttime action, we’ll be your jalapeño.  So … whataya waiting for? Try us.

Whether you’re a snack nut, a health nut, or just a little nuts yourself, Snack In Sanity with What-A-Ya Nuts?!