Memorial Day Weekend: Let the Grilling Begin!

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The end of May is nearly here! Kids are wrapping up their semesters and everyone is preparing for some summertime fun.

While summer technically starts mid-June, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the season’s fun. For most, the holiday weekend kicks off one of the biggest summer activity in the USA: the Barbecue. It’s time to bust out the grill and gather the friends & family!


Though there is no wrong way to throw a barbecue, but there are plenty of right ways! So, without further adieu, here’s our advice for keeping stomachs filled and your guests entertained!

More Than Classics

Everyone that’s been to a BBQ knows the classics: burgers, brats, hot dogs, corn on the cob, etc. This year though, surprise your guests with a few of these nutty grilling ideas!


Forget to grab buns for the burgers or just trying to cut down on the grains? Grab some skewers and introduce your guests to the Cheeseburger Meatball Skewers.


As you’ll learn throughout the rest of the post, grills can be used for just about anything! Surprise your guests with a delicious grilled pizza at your next BBQ.


Make sure you’re ready to impress those who don’t eat meat! Throw some portobello mushrooms and peaches on the grill to get their mouth watering too!

Thirst Quenchers

With the sun shining high in the sky and the temperatures rising, you are sure to have plenty of thirsty guests! Spice up the drink selection with these perfect summertime refreshments.


All you need is a keg tap and a watermelon to get the refreshments flowing! Add your favorite adult beverage or keep it kid friendly. Either way, the watermelon keg is the perfect addition to the BBQ!


Looking for something a little cooler? Try these cucumber lime pops!


If you’ve never tried it before, be sure to mix up some Bourbon Slush for your next shindig! Just watch out for brain freeze!

Sweet Treats

Your guests are bound to have a sweet tooth at some point during their visit. Prepare one of these tasty treats to ensure their appetite is filled!


Surprise your guests with a sweet twist on another summertime classic: S’Mores. Add all the normal ingredients to the inside of a banana and grill it all at once! Feel like getting a little nutty? Try adding some of our delicious Stark Raving Chocolate nut clusters to kick it up a notch!


Don’t want to use the banana skin? Just throw it all in some tortillas and grill up some chocolate banana quesadilla!


Whether you make it on the grill or not, everybody will be ecstatic when they smell that homemade apple crisp you bring! Instead of topping your recipe with plain old tree nuts, try kicking it up a notch with our Maple Cinnamon Madness into your next apple dish. The flavors were made to go together!

So, call up the friends and family for another great Memorial Day Weekend BBQ! Try a few of the delicious recipes above and, as always, Snack In Sanity!