Favorite Moments in 2016 that made you go “What-A-Ya Nuts?!”

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For better or worse, 2016 was most definitely a year filled with reasons to shout, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” So, we decided to look back at some of the nuttiest moments of the year the we will surely never forget. Enjoy!!


Starting on a high note, 2016 saw some serious scientific advancements, especially in the renewed race to space! From discovering habitable planets to reusable rockets, we sure found ourselves saying, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” plenty this year!


Regardless of where you sit, right or left, UK or USA, we can all agree that this election year was filled with moments that just make you scream, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” 2016 has definitely been a memorable year for politics, that is for sure.


You think people were going crazy over the election this year? Well, let us turn your attention back to Summer 2016 where we saw people across the world at their nuttiest trying to Catch Them All! Pokemon-Go undoubtedly brought a plethora of, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” moments with it.


If all those people running around with their eyes glued to a screen made ya go, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!”, then we can only image how you reacted to the reality of self-driving cars!


When Leonardo Decaprio finally won his first oscar, we weren’t saying, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” because he shouldn’t have won it – we were saying, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” because it took this long! 2016 will forever be remembered as the year that the internet’s darling child finally went home with gold.


Have you had a chance to try out one of the many VR headsets released this year? You will surely find yourself exclaiming, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” the moment you put one on and see it for yourself!


The whackiest, craziest, nuttiest moment of 2016 that had us yelling, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” loudest and most often had to be the ascension of the Chicago Cubs. Not only did they have the best record in baseball with over a hundred wins, but they ended the longest championship drought, winning the World Series after 107 years.


While not that crazy in comparison to the rest of 2016, one of the nuttiest moments for us this year had to be when we found ourselves on all your TV’s! When Fox2News asked us to come on the show for National Nut Day, we had to hold back from saying, “What-A-Ya Nuts?!” Thanks again for being such great hosts!

And like that, 2016 is another year in the books, and one that we will all surely remember! We hope you have a great New Years Eve and look forward to another great year of serving up delicious nut clusters!